We've created a six-lesson curriculum to be delivered by a qualified teacher within grades 6-12. The curriculum is a mix of teacher instructions, student handouts, YouTube and short Impact Videos, peer empathy-building activities, projects, and student surveys.

The PATH Curriculum is available

for a one-time investment of $799.

Handout of the curriculum (includes pricing) to download - great for teachers to print out and present to their decision makers. To download, click here!

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Building Student Resilience for Mental and Emotional Health

Your school has an opportunity to bring real change to your students. Mental health education, suicide awareness, and the power of self and connection to others is possible with the PATH Curriculum.

How PATH came to be…

Meet Logan

In 2014, Tasha and Doug received the tragic news that a close friend had lost her son to suicide. Logan was only 14 years old. This came as a total shock and a wake-up call simultaneously.


After Logan's death, Tasha and Doug took it upon themselves to start something that would generate awareness, compassion, and acceptance for youth. The PITCrew Movement was born and has evolved into the PATH Curriculum. This is a pledge to Logan and all of those who feel lost and unheard giving them a voice to reach out, ask for help and know that there is hope.

For a one-time investment of $799,

the PATH Curriculum will bring real change

to your students.


"During the 2018-19 school year Tasha came to speak to our students about resiliancy and hope. Tasha really connected well with our students and had a great message. Due to this positive message and connection, we decided to use Tasha's mental health curriculum with our 8th grade students this year. There is such a need for mental health curriculum in a school setting. Our students were able to utilize the tools provided by Tasha's Friendship lesson. There was instant buy-in from students. They were both able to participate in a large group format and reflect as individuals. I recommend Tasha's PATH curriculum to any school looking to improve the mental health of their students."

~ Ryan Bargender, Principal, Abbotsford Middle and High School

“This past fall, my school piloted Tasha Schuh's PATH Curriculum Lesson 3 - The Power of Attitude and it was amazing! Tashe visited our school in September and left a lasting impact on our kids and staff, implementing her lesson was an excellent way to revisit her powerful message and continue to address the importance of positive attitudes and the power of choice. As a former classroom teacher and current school counselor, Tasha's lessons were very well-written and gave me plenty of material to keep my high school students engaged and involved in the lesson content. I was able to have some amazing conversations with my students and they very much enjoyed her games, lesson activities, and could connect with the lesson objectives and topics. Within my school we were able to adapt her lessons for both students in grades nine and twelve. With the continued increase in mental health needs in our school, this lesson (and all of her lessons) are great resources to address the topic and not only provide ALL teachers with tools to teach about mental but provide resources and tools for students as well. I cannot say enough good things about Tasha's work and her excellent teaching resources!”

~ Sarah Colling, School Counselor, Somerset High School

Invest in the mental health of your students.

The PATH Curriculum is available

for only $799.