The PATH Curriculum is available now!

The PITCrew movement has evolved into something bigger. This was due to the realization of the current mental health crisis that many students are facing alone. Through this realization, the PATH Curriculum was born.

PATH, Tasha’s platform, emerged from the many lessons of resiliency that life as a quadriplegic taught her. PATH-- an acronym for Purpose, Attitude, Team, and Hope-- provides the tools to help improve our mental and emotional well being, while we offer support to others. Alarming data reveals that our nation faces a mental health crisis, and Tasha’s mission of PATH will empower students even more. Your school has an opportunity to bring real change to your students. Mental health education, suicide awareness, and the power of self and connection to others will be a click away with this timely release of our online course called PATH. The new and exciting PATH Curriculum is available now.

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Handout of the curriculum (includes pricing) to download - great for teachers to print out and present to their decision makers.

How PATH came to be…

Meet Logan

In 2014, Tasha and Doug received the tragic news that a close friend had lost her son to suicide. Logan was only 14 years old. This came as a total shock and a wake-up call simultaneously.


After Logan's death, Tasha and Doug took it upon themselves to start something that would generate awareness, compassion, and acceptance for youth. The PITCrew Movement was born and has evolved into the PATH Curriculum. This is a pledge to Logan and all of those who feel lost and unheard giving them a voice to reach out, ask for help and know that there is hope.

The mission & vision of PATH

The mission of PATH

is Impacting Youth with the power of resiliency & hope proving that together we are strong.

The vision for PATH is to deliver mental health awareness and education to students while cultivating compassion and acceptance globally. Additionally, PATH looks to build resilience for mental and emotional health in adolescents.
Because of this mission and vision, Tasha's sole focus is speaking to students, administrators, and parents on the importance of connection.
We all need one another.


Is Mental Health & Suicide a Concern at Your School? 

PATH Can Help!

Why is it called PATH?

PATH is an easy acronym for students and adults to understand how to individually and collectively build resilience for mental and emotional health.

Meet Our PATH Creation Team

Meet Tasha's team who assisted her in developing the PATH Curriculum and support her in her speaking journey.

Doug Michaels

Manager, Tasha Schuh Inspirations, LLC


Tasha's Husband


12 years as a Broadcast Meteorologist

"PATH has been a great way to help individuals of all ages identify those who they can turn to during times of both struggle and triumph; in turn they can be there for the rest of their team as well.  Having a core group of people on your team helps to keep you from feeling isolated and alone.  In the course of presenting this to others, I have been able to identify those individuals who are part of my PITCrew and my TEAM."

Jan Pavloski

English Language Arts Teacher,

grades 7-12, for 34 years.

English with Teacher Certification, B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

M.S.Ed., St. Mary's University of Minnesota

"I truly believe PATH is the missing link in mental and emotional development for youth today. Prevention programs should not only inform-- they should empower youth to know that their social networks must be tied to real human beings who love, respect, and support them throughout life.  Tasha's PATH Curriculum trains and facilitates this better than anything I've experienced in three decades of teaching. This program doesn't just strive to reverse the rising suicide rates-- it develops character and relationship skills needed to balance school, work, and family. I want to be a part of something so relevant today."

Rachel Funk-Johnson

Licensed Professional Counselor - IT

M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, University of Wisconsin - Stout

Owner, Happy Apple Therapy Center

Professional Speaker

"PATH is not only a program but a way of life. We are able to take valuable research that has been drawn from the mental health field and implement it directly with youth. By helping cultivate connection with others, and identification of self students develop their sense of purpose. This leads to a potential of increase in confidence that allows us to reduce stigma and ask for help. The PATH Curriculum has been a foundational piece of my work with youth and I am so lucky and proud to be a part of it's development and growth!"