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Five Reasons You Need Tasha

at Your School or Youth Conference


When Tasha comes to your school or conference, she will speak about these relevant topics:


1.  Resiliency – Overcoming obstacles, working through tough times in life, and determining to persevere.


2.  Respect – The importance of respecting classmates, peers, and teachers.


3. Mental Health/Suicide Awareness - Helping students recognize the importance of asking for help and having a support team.


4. Choices – The importance of giving their best every day and knowing that the decisions they make can affect their future.


5. Attitude – Even though life is not fair, we do have the power to choose a positive attitude each and every day. Students will leave with a “Yes I Can” attitude.


Tasha can also incorporate your school/youth conference culture and other important themes that you are focusing on.

Our nation is in the middle of a mental health crisis. The PATH Curriculum gives teachers tools to have important conversations with their students about mental health. We've created a six-lesson curriculum to be delivered by a teacher within grades 6-12. The curriculum integrates concise teacher instructions with student handouts, YouTube, and short Impact Videos, peer empathy-building activities, projects, and student surveys.

Testimonials of Tasha's Impact

"The students and staff at Bloomer High School were honored to have Tasha Schuh spend an afternoon with us.  Tasha and Doug were truly interested in connecting with our students and staff, and Tasha's message was perfect for our students.  She has the unique ability to share her story and provide inspiration with passion, emotion and humor.  The amount of positive feedback we received from students and staff was overwhelming.  As a high school principal, I would recommend Tasha because her message is so powerful and fitting for high school students.  Thank you to both Tasha and Doug for providing a meaningful experience for our students!"

-Chad Steinmetz, Principal, 

Bloomer High School

"As educators we are all looking for that life lesson to share with our students about the importance of attitude and maintaining hope in the face of adversity.  The River Falls School District has felt honored to have Tasha Schuh as a motivational speaker with multiple student groups throughout the years. Tasha shares a crucial lesson that asks people of all ages to reflect on how they approach obstacles and to choose optimism when we face potential difficulties in life."

-Taryl Graetz, Coordinator at Renaissance Academy, River Falls School District

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