Tasha is authentic, passionate, witty and a champion for life on all accounts. Whether she is in front of an intimate gathering of 200 or a conference of 10,000, Tasha brings the audience to their feet with her message of inspiration and hope. Check out a sampling of what event planners and audience members alike have to say about Tasha following her presentation.



"I knew from the first moment that I spoke with Tasha and Doug that our decision to have Tasha speak at our annual managers meeting was the right decision. Their friendliness and positive energy is contagious. They are extremely well organized and professional but bring a personal touch which made the planning of their attendance and the meeting enjoyable. 

Tasha worked closely with us to learn about our company and the attendees that would be at the meeting in order to personalize her “Enjoy the Ride” speech. Her presentation was heartwarming, funny and inspirational. It moved you from tears to laughter. It is clear that she truly believes in the message she brings and loves what she does.

So many people came up to me after Tasha’s presentation to thank me for inviting her to speak. It clearly was the highlight of our annual meeting."


Mike Morris, Vice President of Claims, EMC Insurance Companies

“As the coordinator of a large conference when you hear comments such as, "I have been coming to this conference for 10 years and without a doubt Tasha is the best speaker I have heard" and "Tasha's message is just what I needed at this time", I knew we had made a great choice.  Tasha Schuh and her husband Doug Michaels are extremely organized and I appreciated the energy they put into learning about us to provide a custom message.  Everyone needs to hear Tasha's timeless message!”

Debbie Schumacher, Wisconsin Dental Hygienists Association, 2017 Indigo Conference

"The best thing we did to start the new school year was to schedule Tasha Schuh to speak during the Sheboygan Area School District all staff presession event.  Tasha immediately engaged with our staff.  Working with both Tasha and Doug was a pleasure and it was evident that they took time to research and learn about Sheboygan Area School District and our mission.  Tasha is truly a motivating, inspirational, encouraging and humorous speaker.  Our staff gave Tasha a standing ovation and have relayed many positive comments to our office.  Thank you to both Tasha and Doug in providing such a positive, educational and inspirational beginning to the new school year.  As Tasha says 'Enjoy your ride'."

Dr. Joseph M. Sheehan, Superintendent, Sheboygan Area School District 

"Tasha and Doug were a part of our “Get Connected” day the first week of the semester and really put the need and importance of being connected to your peers and communities in perspective. She is able to do this through her sincere and authentic appetite for life and desire for other’s to experience joy in life. Her message is easily received by audiences because she is genuine, honest and able to laugh. In Tasha’s words “I will not be a victim but a victor” she inspires others to do the same. She will not disappoint your audience and I would encourage you to bring her to your event, conference, or institution!"

Linda Pesch, Student Services Advisor, Minnesota West Community and Technical College

“It doesn’t matter what business you are in or what background you have, there is something in Tasha’s message that speaks to absolutely everyone.  With her sparkling personality, willingness to share her story, and her message of purpose, attitude, and hope, the impact of her presentation will be remembered long after the conference!  She truly lives her message!”

Natalie Haefner, Vice President – Claims and Injury Management, Workers’ Compensation Reinsurance Association

"Tasha was the highlight of our conference for many, many attendees. Yes...her story is absolutely inspirational, but on top of that, she is genuine, honest and just a truly wonderful person.  She takes the time to find out about her audience and presents her story in a way that is relevant to their lives. She not only connects to the audience when she is speaking, but personally, taking the time to meet people after her presentations and make real connections that will last and become even more meaningful. I would highly recommend Tasha to speak for your event."

Lynn Olson, 2017 Minnesota State Energy Conference Planning Committee Member, Minnesota Energy Conference



"The sincerity and humor in your message to our Association was very powerful and moving. I know that it stood out and we truly appreciate the research you did on the audience that you were presenting to create a more personalized message for us. You were definitely a highlight of our conference!"

Lindsay Ohmstead, Elder Benefits Specialist, Wisconsin Association of Benefit Specialists Conference

“Finding speakers that engage and inspire high school students is challenging.  The high schoolers at our event were so quiet because they were listening so intently when Tasha spoke.  Our survey average was a 9.8 out of 10, so that is a testament to how much they were moved by her message.”


Tracy Propst, Program and Project Leader, Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin 

“Tasha and Doug were very easy to work with and demonstrated a sincere interest in making this event special for our students.  They asked questions and put in the time to ensure that Tasha's message would resonate with our students and staff.  Ultimately she was able to do just that as our students listened intently and showed her great respect.  It was clear she moved our students and helped them remember "the best is yet to come".  Thank you Tasha and Doug for caring about our school!”


Jordan Sinz - Principal, Edgar Middle/High School

"As educators we are all looking for that life lesson to share with our students about the importance of attitude and maintaining hope in the face of adversity.  The River Falls School District has felt honored to have Tasha Schuh as a motivational speaker with multiple student groups throughout the years. Tasha shares a crucial lesson that asks people of all ages to reflect on how they approach obstacles and to choose optimism when we face potential difficulties in life."


Taryl Graetz, Coordinator at Renaissance Academy, River Falls School District

“This past year the Bradley County Youth Basketball AllStars had the privilege and honor of hearing one of the most AMAZING speakers we've ever seen.  This was our sixth annual all-star experience to which we've had many wonderful speakers such as Paul Showtime Gaffney of the Harlem Globetrotters, Chamique Holdsclaw of the WNBA, even world renowned Super Coach Michael Burt but none has taken the stage and kept 190+ kids and over 2,000 adults so on the edge of their seat that they couldn't wait to hear what was next.  Tasha brought forth the powerful message of choice.  Her voice so moved people that there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd after hearing her story and how she overcame challenges most will never even have to come up against in their life.  Tasha achieved something no other speaker has ever done for us… she captivated her audience.  The entire gymnasium was filled with silence for 45 minutes.  Shock and awe fell among the crowd.  When she came to an end she finished with an amazing song that hopefully you too will hear and when you do you will realize "What's Your Excuse?"

Tasha thank you for impacting the lives of all of those that heard you for your words will truly echo throughout eternity!”

Bartlee Norton, Event Coordinator, Bradley County Youth Basketball AllStars Event, Cleveland TN

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“We booked Tasha to speak at our credit union chapter meeting and couldn’t be happier with our decision! Tasha’s presentation was equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, and her ability to captivate an audience is unparalleled! She lives a life dedicated to inspire those around her, and her message can be suited to any organization or individual. After hearing her speak, I immediately called my “pit crew” and thanked them for their love and support. Thank you Tasha for sharing your story and reminding us to find and live our purpose, keep a positive attitude, and remain hopeful for what’s to come!”


Janelle Woggon, G.E.C.U., 7 Rivers Region Chapter of Credit Unions

“Tasha speaking at the Wisconsin Volleyball Coaches Association (WVCA) annual banquet was the highlight of the event. Tasha was energetic, inspiring, and connected with everyone in the room. She engaged all from start to finish. Athletes, coaches, and parents all left with a message to be the best they can be and to always make the best out of any situation life throws at you. I truly believe that Tasha was the best possible speaker to get for this event. Working with her and Doug was not only easy, but more importantly, enjoyable. The WVCA is so extremely thankful for Tasha and Doug taking our event and making it the best it could be.”


James Bremness, WVCA President

"Tasha inspired over 150 attendees at our caregiver town hall meeting.  Her enjoy the ride inspirational speech moved the audience to tears, laughter and a standing ovation.  Having Doppler Doug back in Eau Claire was a perk for those in attendance.  From all of the Chippewa Valley Family Caregiver Alliance members, families and caregivers.  Thank you for all that you do to inspire us."


Angela Kjellberg, Chair, Chippewa Valley Family Caregiver Alliance

“Tasha is an excellent speaker who captured the attention of her audience immediately. She was engaging, humorous, encouraging, and inspirational. Her message of hope and encouragement resonated so well with our student body that they hung on every word. Tasha’s transparency in sharing the difficulties, both physical and emotional, that she has overcome challenged and inspired many of our students. When she closed, the student body gave her a standing ovation!

Her honest transparency and compassion allowed students to share their struggles and gain encouragement from her. Tasha’s message “that life is worth living” is one that spoke powerfully to the students, faculty and staff on our campus.

Tasha would be a tremendous asset to your event and she has my highest recommendation. We will be asking her back!”

 David Golias, Director DOSS/CAPSS, Disabilities Office, University of Northwestern

"It is rare to find a speaker who is able to connect with a roomful of at-risk and marginalized teen girls. Tasha Schuh not only was able to connect with the girls attending our UNSTOPPABLE girl’s empowerment conference, but she had their complete and total attention. Tasha found the perfect combination of inspiration, humor, reality, and her never-give-up attitude. She was the perfect person to reach our target audience, and at the end of Tasha’s talk the standing ovation and tears throughout the room made it clear to us all that we had chosen the perfect person to empower and encourage the students chosen to attend this event!"

Mary Linden, Founder of Operation Cinderella of the Fox Valley

"Tasha's message was very inspirational and was the right message for our student body as we kicked off the school year.  The students really appreciated listening to Tasha's personal story and were able to connect it to areas of their life.  As we continue to move forward in our school year, we express the importance of resiliency and "the best it yet to come."

Jeff Fern, Guidance Counselor, St. Croix Central High School

"I can’t overstate how much we appreciated Tasha’s keynote and enjoyed having her speak at our staff development days. Tasha is truly inspirational and touched all of us with her story and talk of hope. Many of our employees were brought to tears and it was because Tasha’s message touched them deeply. Feedback has been that Tasha was about the best speaker we have ever had. Hopefully our paths will cross again."

Travis Annette, Human Resources Manager

"When I saw Tasha’s story on the National Soft Skills website I knew her message had to be included in our annual Youth First Conference for students diagnosed with disabilities. Doug and Tasha were amazing to work with and made planning for the event so easy! Tasha’s story had a significant impact on the students, teachers, and communities of Western Nebraska. Her message of hope and a positive attitude connected with so many who struggle with feelings of fear and frustration. Her words and genuine spirit will continue to impact everyone who attended the conference, and we were honored to become members of the PIT Crew!"


Pam Brezenski, Transition Coordinator at ESU 13, Youth First Conference

"Tasha was the perfect choice to deliver the closing keynote at our conference. Her message was inspirational, powerful, and moving. There was not a dry eye in the house! I heard nothing but positive comments following Tasha’s presentation. Several attendees commented that her story was exactly what they needed to help get them through a difficult time in their own lives. Besides giving a wonderful address, Tasha and Doug were wonderful to work with while planning the conference. They were responsive, friendly, and willing to go above and beyond to ensure a great experience for our group! Thank you both!"


Elizabeth Schroeder, Marketing Events Coordinator, 2016 Home Energy Plus Conference, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation

“Thank you so much for coming to Faribault High School and speaking with our students. I know they truly enjoyed it and the comments that we received from both students and staff were amazing! You are truly a gifted motivational speaker and are using your gift to help others. Your message is one of heartbreak and hope. Our students are truly blessed to have heard your message.”

Jamie Bente, Assistant Principal, Faribault High School

“Having Tasha sharing her personal story and message of 'Little is Huge' was a highlight of our banquet! Tasha successfully connected with all attendees. She provided hope, encouragement and laughter which kept the audience engaged and inspired.”

Kaisa Wieneke, Lead Worksite Wellness Coordinator, Mayo Clinic

“Tasha gave a remarkable presentation on how 'Little is Huge' and perseverance to the Faribault High School and Middle School students. Her heartwarming story was felt by our students and staff. I would highly recommend her.”

Chad Wolff, Faribault Booster Club President

“Tasha’s presentation reminds you that people with disabilities are first and foremost…PEOPLE. Period. Her candid talk about her experience puts the audience at ease and helps them to recognize that people with disabilities have tremendous potential to achieve many things in their lives in spite of whatever obstacles may have been placed in their way.”

Vicki Pfister, Vice President, RCS Empowers

“Tasha was able to inspire a bunch of stressed out college students on a Tuesday night – that takes a special gift. She was an inspiring breath of fresh air on our campus and many of the students communicated to me that Tasha’s message came right when they needed it most. Thank you so much Tasha and Doug for visiting Gustavus Adolphus College and giving our community hope at the beginning of a long semester.”

Mackenzie Venhor, Campus Activities Board Member, Gustavus Adolphus College

“We selected Tasha Schuh for our 18th Annual Fall Luncheon which took place on Thursday, October 15th, 2015. She was an electrifying speaker. Tasha’s passion for life becomes infectious as she speaks. Tasha’s delivery was lively, confident, filled with emotion and mixed with humor. When a room of over 400 guests explodes with laughter several times it tells me the speaker has made a connection during the presentation. In my opinion once that happens you have success!!

Just when you think Tasha’s presentation can’t get any better…. it does. With a voice of an angel, and a heart of a saint, she releases a song that has become words to her own life. Her performance was punctuated by spontaneous applause and all guests on their feet. AMAZING! CHILLS & TEARS!

It is my pleasure to give Tasha Schuh my highest recommendation as a keynote speaker. She will deliver and share a story that is inspiring and entertaining. Tasha Schuh is one of life’s greatest gifts.”

Mary K. Behrens, Executive Director, The Women’s Fund

“Tasha is a beautiful soul! Her message was engaging, unique and inspiring. Tasha gave us an admirable new view of life. Tasha and Doug are a dream to work with, very accommodating, professional and had a great audience rapport. They are an event planners dream!”

Camie Janikowski, Rural Women in America, North Dakota

"Tasha’s message about her experiences going through the process of coming to terms with her disability was an excellent message for our students to hear. In any situation it is easy to focus on the negatives and forgets that even in the tough times we all have a purpose and there is hope. Little things do matter and when college students are in the middle of busy classes, piles of homework, and studying for exams it is easy to forget how blessed we truly are. Tasha crafted an excellent talk that was relevant to university students and spoke to their experiences every day. Thank you Tasha and Doug for taking the time to speak with our students."

Andrew Oliver, Assistant Director The ACCESS Center, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

“We received wonderful feedback on your speaking. There is nothing that I would have you change. It was inspirational and truly spoken from the heart. You are an inspiration to all!!”

Rebecca Rossner, Merrill Lynch

“In the twenty years of attending WRAP Conferences, I have never been more inspired and touched by a presentation. It was evident by the moving response of my peers at the close of conference, that you touched the hearts of each person in the room. It was the perfect culmination of our theme, 'Passion and Purpose, Making Life Meaningful.' Thank you both so much, for sharing your story.”

Patty Morter, WRAP Conference Speaker-Co Chair

“Tasha shared her inspirational story with NRHEG on the first day of school and provided us with the positive start to the year. Her profound messages of 'Little is Huge and Yes I can' will propel our efforts to create a positive learning environment for all students and staff. Tasha inspires us all to remember our special qualities and to never give up hope in life as we all have an extraordinary purpose. Her message will never be forgotten.”

Dave Bunn, NRHEG Secondary School Principal

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