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When Tasha Schuh comes rolling in your door, you will get a lot more than just a story.  A healthy meal of inspiration and hope, sprinkled with a layer of laughter and topped off with a few tears will leave people clamoring for more. Emotional, uplifting, and life changing are just a few ways to describe Tasha’s message.

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  1. Relevant Message: Tasha has a unique ability to connect with her audience no matter what the age, and is passionate to customize her presentation. Blending her story with the specific goals and theme of the event, Tasha delivers a powerful message that will have the audience on their feet wanting more.

  2. Unique Story: It’s not common to find someone who is paralyzed for half her life to say that she is glad her accident happened. Falling through a trapdoor, Tasha has a unique story that builds the foundation for her fresh perspective that has given her the spirit to soar above other speakers messages. Allow Tasha the opportunity to share her unique story with your group; they will be inspired to live to the fullest every day.

  3. Experience: Since her first speaking engagement in 2001 as a sophomore at Winona State in Minnesota, she has built her clientele across the country. Traveling coast to coast sharing her story and message of hope with thousands of individuals a year, she has the experience and the drive to make an impact with groups of all sizes.

  4. Easy and Enjoyable: Beginning with the initial contact and concluding with a personalized evaluation, Tasha’s goal is to exceed your expectations. She will personally work with you to achieve the goals for your event, as well as make it a five-star experience for your audience.


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"I couldn’t be more pleased with the response from our technologists and nurses about Tasha. I’ve never seen such rapt attention and delight throughout a keynote lecture. Tasha truly had us from the very start and provided us with the perfect message to keep us energized in our careers in Healthcare.

Thanks Tasha for making me look smart for picking you to talk at this year’s symposium. I’m going to have a real challenge coming up with a speaker next year that can give us such an inspiring, valuable presentation that we will not soon forget! Your message and song were a gift!"

- Kevin Seisler,
Education Coordinator,

Department of Radiology,
Mayo Clinic


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