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Have You Ever Heard a Speaker on RESILIENCE?
Are you concerned about your team’s mental and emotional health?

Have you noticed decreased morale among your school staff and teachers?

Is there a disconnect between each person's “purpose” and the overall vision of your organization?

Do you need a captivating speaker for your next event, conference, or internal employee training?

Could your audience attendance and engagement use a boost?
When Tasha Schuh speaks to your audience, you get much more than your typical corporate speaker. She brings a message of resiliency and hope that keeps audiences of all ages on the edges of their seats. Years after hearing Tasha speak, she receives messages of appreciation from people who still remember what she said and how she makes them feel.
Tasha’s message is centered around PATH: Purpose, Attitude, Team, and Hope. Here’s how that is applied in a business setting:
  • Purpose: Connecting individual purpose to purposeful work and the need to make a difference
  • Attitude: Learning how to thrive in the workplace
  • Team: Working together for a common goal
  • Hope: Becoming inspired for a better future
Tasha’s years of experience speaking for businesses, education conferences, corporate events, schools, and much more allows her to customize her message to your event’s theme. As a result, your audience will takeaway:
  • An inspiring message that leaves a lasting impression
  • Increased motivation that affects morale, productivity, and retention
  • A fresh injection of positivity and hope
  • Specific tools for building resilience and improving mental and emotional health
"A Speaker Second to None"


“Tasha was AMAZING.  She captivated our audience with both laughter and tears.  She is a true professional and will meet your every expectation.  We have had over 500 presenters in the 33 years of our conference and she is second to none.”
Rodney Volk, North Dakota Roughrider Health Promotion Association, Education Conference
Resilience and Mental Health
You’ve probably heard countless speakers on team-building and leadership development. These topics are important for businesses and organizations - but so is resilience.

Have you ever brought in a speaker who focused on resilience and mental health?

Tasha could be that speaker!

This is not your typical team-building or leadership message. Tasha’s story motivates and empowers employees to be resilient and improve their mental and emotional health. This is a truly unique experience that will equip your team to build resilience and take on life’s challenges!


This speaker kit will help you announce and advertise your event with Tasha! View and download materials at the link below. 

What Event Planners say:

"I want to personally thank you for providing one of the most powerful and moving keynotes that I have had the opportunity to watch. I cried, laughed out loud, and experienced all the emotions in between. Your message about resilience, life being like a race, and the PATH of life that we are all on was much needed in the world we are currently living in. 

Thank you for being a part of this WADA Conference - you have provided us with tools to lead with purpose for our communities and programs."

Todd Sobrilsky, CMAA, Waukesha South Athletic Director/Assistant Principal, WADA President 

"I couldn’t be more pleased with the response from our technologists and nurses about Tasha. I’ve never seen such rapt attention and delight throughout a keynote lecture. Tasha truly had us from the very start and provided us with the perfect message to keep us energized in our careers in Healthcare.

Thanks, Tasha for making me look smart for picking you to talk at this year’s symposium. I’m going to have a real challenge coming up with a speaker next year that can give us such an inspiring, valuable presentation that we will not soon forget! Your message and song were a gift!"

Kevin Seisler, Education Coordinator, Department of Radiology, Mayo Clinic

“Tasha and Doug were so easy to work with. Tasha contacted me several times to ensure that her message aligned well with the overall goal/theme of our event. She invested time into learning about us and what we do and incorporated that into her message. It felt as if she knew us and the struggles we face as an intermediate agency. We have received so many positive remarks about having Tasha as our speaker this year. Our staff felt empowered to take on this school year determined to make the most of every moment and not miss an opportunity to be that one person to make a difference in the life of a child.”​

Devin Laughlin, Green Hills AEA Regional Education Conference Iowa

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