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"Tasha was the perfect speaker at a most crucial time for our students. Her story, her fight, great passion, and unbelievable positive outlook are a true inspiration to everyone who will listen. For students to witness someone so enjoying a life after all she has gone through should give everyone hope!"

- Larry Villiard, Bruce Public School

"A message of resiliency that amazes and inspires."

- Charles Schwartz, Principal, Ozaukee Middle School

"Tasha was the perfect speaker for our Green Bay Packers Virtual Empower event. Her message of hope and resiliency hit home with a lot of the students and adults as well. She gave so much inspiration, which is exactly what we all need during these difficult times."  
- Marissa Kortz, Community Outreach Intern,
Green Bay Packers Empower Event
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"My high school students were still talking about Tasha's message of resilience and hope days and weeks after her visit! I heard many references from students to each other about the importance of identifying who is in their "pit crew" and the overall feeling of 'if Tasha can persevere, SO CAN I!!’"
- Shannon Donnelly, Principal, Somerset High School

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"Our gym with over 400 people was absolutely silent during Tasha's 1 hour presentation, with students and staff listening carefully to her story and message. This was followed by thunderous applause and a standing ovation. Tasha had a definite impact on our school!"
Gretchen Cipriano, Principal,

Spring Valley Middle/High School



"Tasha's message of resilience and hope through tragedy captured the hearts of students and staff alike."

Tiffany Michaud, School Counselor,

Chippewa Falls High School

"I would highly recommend any student group or school to invite Tasha Schuh to share her life story and motivational message. I have been in the education profession as a teacher and principal for 29 years and  Tasha's presentation was the best I have ever heard!!!"
Clark Olstad, Principal, PEM Middle School

Purpose, Attitude, Team , Hope

"Tasha's ability to connect with her audience is simply amazing! Her message of PATH should be heard by everyone. With an open mind, you will leave her message transformed!"
Chris Segerstrom, Principal,
Elmwood Middle/High School

"Tasha's message of hope and resiliency, no matter what life throws at you, really resonated with our students. A number of the students came up to Tasha afterward to show their appreciation and expressed how they were moved to tears during her heartfelt presentation. Tasha did a great job hitting directly on topics that benefit students instead of the indirect approach so many of our speakers take. She was exactly what we were looking for for our Red Ribbon Week speaker!"

Christopher Hanley, School Counseling Director, Grafton High School

“I have heard nothing but overwhelming praise and thankfulness from the staff and students. One of our most challenging students voiced that Tasha was the best speaker he's ever heard. You could hear a pin drop in the auditorium as Tasha spoke. The students were spellbound by her message. Staff talked about how they couldn't maintain dry eyes throughout the duration of her moving presentation. The day after students were still wanting to talk about Tasha's message. Some students are seeking additional mental health support thanks to Tasha's message.” 

—  Laura Colbert, Principal, Waupaca School District

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“Today my life is better than it was before the accident. I can honestly say that I am thankful that I took that one step backwards. I would not go back if I had the opportunity.” -Tasha