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The race of life is riddled with obstacles, challenges, and difficulties. As a quadriplegic, Tasha knows this firsthand. When Tasha speaks, she keeps students on the edges of their seats as she shares her story of having a life-changing theater accident at the age of 16, and how she learned the importance of resilience to create a life that she loves.

Tasha is deeply in tune with today’s adolescents and the issues that they are facing. PATH – an acronym for Purpose, Attitude, Team, and Hope – represents the tools Tasha has learned that have helped her in her journey and that can help students get through difficult times in their own journeys.


In short, Tasha will empower students to build resilience for mental and emotional health.



Five Reasons You Need Tasha at Your School or Youth Conference
When Tasha comes to your school or conference, she will speak about these relevant topics:

Listen to how Tasha can help your school and students

1.  Resiliency – Overcoming obstacles, working through tough times in life, and determining to persevere.


2.  Respect – The importance of respecting classmates, peers, and teachers.


3. Mental Health/Suicide Awareness - Helping students recognize the importance of asking for help and having a support team.


4. Choices – The importance of giving their best every day and knowing that the decisions they make can affect their future.

5. Attitude – Even though life is not fair, we do have the power to choose a positive attitude each and every day. Students will leave with a “Yes I Can” attitude.

Tasha can also incorporate your school/youth conference culture and other important themes that you are focusing on.

Tasha Schuh: Beyond a Message


When Tasha comes to your school, she does more than speak. Your students will have a personalized, memorable experience full of striking stories and unforgettable connections. 

Here are just a few of the ways that Tasha and her husband, Doug, make the most of their time at your school. 

  • After the presentation is over, Tasha and Doug stick around to speak one-on-one with students who wish to meet them, take pictures, sign info cards, answer questions, and connect with students who want to share their struggles. 

  • The PITCrew Ambassador Program allows for 2-3 students of your choice to be part of the presentation and have one-on-one time with Tasha and Doug, along with the option of giving them a tour of your school before or after the presentation. 

  • Tasha loves doing breakout sessions with smaller groups! If you choose this package, she will work directly with you to design a smaller group session (or multiple sessions) to provide a greater impact for your students through group exercises and stories.

  • Depending on the timing of the presentation, Tasha and Doug would love to spend the lunch hour with your students. 

  • Tasha provides info cards for every student who attends her presentation. These cards include information about how students can connect with Tasha on social media, including YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook. Many students choose to reach out through comments or messages to Tasha on social media. She reads every message she receives and responds as much as possible. If students choose to follow her on these platforms, they will see constant reminders about hope, resilience, and the importance of taking care of one’s mental health. Tasha also creates a weekly vlog to inspire and encourage her followers. 

  • The info cards also provide information about Tasha’s free text-messaging subscription. If students subscribe, Tasha sends weekly, inspirational text messages right to their cell phones. 

  • Each school will have the option to purchase The Power of PATH: Building Resilience for Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Curriculum™

  • This program is designed to be delivered by a teacher or staff member within a classroom setting. It integrates concise teacher instructions with student handouts, YouTube and short Impact Videos, peer empathy-building activities, projects, and student surveys.

Please note: With the COVID-19 pandemic placing many restrictions on schools, Tasha and Doug have designed hybrid presentation options to meet your school’s specific needs. 

Tasha is committed to providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your students. She is more than a speaker who drops in once and leaves a minimal impact. Based on the feedback Tasha receives from students, staff, and administrators, the experience she provides is long-lasting and absolutely unforgettable.


Tasha's Day at your School

An inclusive framework for all
An inclusive framework for all
Students waiting in line to talk to Tasha
Students waiting in line to talk to Tasha
The power of the PITCrew
The power of the PITCrew
A lasting message for staff
A lasting message for staff
Photo opportunities
Photo opportunities
Interactive elements
Interactive elements
Role model and influencer with a mission
Role model and influencer with a mission
Autographing bookmarks
Autographing bookmarks
Positivity found through empathy & resilience
Positivity found through empathy & resilience

Tasha's Impact on Students

Testimonial of Tasha's Impact

"The students and staff at Bloomer High School were honored to have Tasha Schuh spend an afternoon with us.  Tasha and Doug were truly interested in connecting with our students and staff, and Tasha's message was perfect for our students.  She has the unique ability to share her story and provide inspiration with passion, emotion, and humor.  The amount of positive feedback we received from students and staff was overwhelming.  As a high school principal, I would recommend Tasha because her message is so powerful and fitting for high school students.  Thank you to both Tasha and Doug for providing a meaningful experience for our students!"

-Chad Steinmetz, Principal

Bloomer High School

Keep the Momentum Going - The Curriculum

The Power of PATH Logo.jpg

Combine Tasha's visit to your school with The Power of PATH: Building Resilience for Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Curriculum™! Created by Tasha and her team of experts, this program gives teachers tools to continue the important conversations with their students about mental health. The program integrates concise teacher instructions with student handouts, YouTube, and short Impact Videos, peer empathy-building activities, projects, and student surveys.

Title IV Funding

PATH Curriculum fulfills requirements for Title IV funding in a number of ways:

  • It is a comprehensive school mental and behavioral health curriculum 

  • It includes methods and tools to address bullying and harassment prevention

  • It is a comprehensive approach to social and emotional learning

  • School safety and school climate are inclusive in the goals for a PATH Curriculum school

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) website states the details which can be found here:

ESSA Title IV Funding Opportunities

You're probably wondering:
How can I afford to bring Tasha into my school? Let's talk about it! We would love to show you some options that make this affordable for your school's needs and budget. Contact Doug at the email address below or fill out the form below and he will send you some helpful fundraising resources.

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