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Giving Students the Tools to be Resilient in Today's World through Speaking and the Teacher-led PATH Program

"A message of resiliency that amazes and inspires."  

C. Schwartz, Principal

Showing Students how to live a Life of Resilience

Through speaking and my curriculum, I see lives impacted and empowered through learning how to live a life of resilience. This is demonstrated in multiple ways. Impact is shown in the line of students that wait to talk with me after I have finished speaking, the hundreds of thank you messages that I receive on social media, and the testimonials received from principals and school counselors. I am meeting students where they are at and showing them the importance of what to do when difficult things happen.

Our youth need resiliency skills right now… They are struggling; they are hurting. They need to be equipped with emotional know-how, so that they can get through uncertain times. When they can access the tools they have learned, they can apply them when life becomes difficult, unknowing, and hard. 

Impact and progress with students' mental health awareness, along with skill-based coping, is made no matter how I am invited into a school. This can be an in-person or virtual speaking engagement or the use of my teacher-led program!

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A Life Impacting Program
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My program is unlike any other. The Power of PATH is a relevant experience that is addressing what students are dealing with today. Student mental health concerns have accelerated since March 2020 to a rate that has never seen before due to COVID-19 pandemic educational experiences. 

The Power of PATH is a mental health awareness program and curriculum that teaches the coping skills that can lead to an increase in resiliency. This happens within the classroom with teachers leading the curriculum that is based in activities and social-emotional learning strategies. The uniqueness of the lessons allows teachers to go deeper with their students and give them hands-on skills needed for trying times, understanding self-worth, and the importance of asking for help. 

Teachers have said how easy The Power of PATH is to implement and that it has saved them hours of prep time. Students are engaged because it follows my story, and they get to incorporate their own!  Story is powerful when it comes to students absorbing and learning skill-based coping tools, especially when it is person-centered on them as an individual. 

SAVE Certification brings credibility to the Power of PATH curriculum by providing relevant materials and safe messaging for students' mental and emotional health.

The basis of my program and speaking is to teach resilience through PATH, an acronym for Purpose, Attitude, Team, and Hope. These four foundations have helped me be resilient in my journey of being a quadriplegic. 

The Power of PATH is a mental health/suicide awareness/social-emotional learning program that is practiced based. It teaches activities that strengthen the skills and lessons for students to build resilience in real-world situations. It is foundational learning to give youth different techniques to handles their struggles and challenges today! 

The Power of PATH

 "As a Special Education Teacher for 15 years, it has been a challenge finding lessons and materials that engage my students at their level. The Power of PATH Program provides the materials and lessons that catches the attention of students and keeps them engaged and interested; Tasha's story of resilience and triumph was a story my students could connect with and kept their interest as we moved throughout the lessons. I also observed a level of engagement that I had not seen in my students prior to the use of The PATH program. As the transition to online and hybrid learning occurred this fall, the program and the comprehensive planning by Tasha and her team made it almost effortless to give my students the opportunity to learn so much about resilience and their emotional and mental health. I would highly recommend this to any school that is needing a relevant program to help students cope in today's world."

-Sarah Brower

Special Education Teacher Prior Lake High School

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About Tasha Schuh


After a tragic theater accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down, she has discovered invaluable lessons that resonate with audiences of all demographics. Since 2007, she has been traveling across the country inspiring and challenging her listeners to overcome and persevere, no matter what life throws their way.