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Speaker, Author, and Resilience Expert

Equipping Youth and Educators with the Tools to Be Resilient for Mental and Emotional Health

"A message of resiliency that amazes and inspires."  

C. Schwartz, Principal

Our youth need resiliency skills right now. They are struggling; they are hurting. They need to be equipped with emotional know-how so that they can get through uncertain times.

Tasha has spoken to over 70,000 students and educators since the 2017/2018 school year. She makes an impact and inspires real progress with her message of mental health awareness. Tasha speaks in-person or virtually and also offers a teacher-led program.
When Tasha comes to your school or conference, these are the tangible takeaways from her message:

1.  Resilience – Overcoming obstacles, working through tough times in life, and determining to persevere.


2.  Respect – The importance of respecting classmates, peers, and teachers.


3. Mental Health/Suicide Awareness - Recognizing the importance of asking for help and having a support team.


4. Choices – The importance of giving their best every day and knowing that the decisions they make can affect their future.

5. Attitude – Even though life is not fair, we do have the power to choose a positive attitude each and every day. Students will leave with a “Yes I Can” attitude.

About Tasha Schuh


Tasha Schuh is an inspirational speaker who equips youth and educators to be resilient for their mental and emotional health. The four components of her speech, PATH (Purpose, Attitude, Team, and Hope), helped Tasha be resilient after a life-changing theater accident at age 16, which left her paralyzed from the chest down. She now lives a vibrant, fulfilling life, sharing her message of PATH across the nation. Her message will empower your students and staff to build resilience to overcome life’s challenges.

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“I am inspired by Tasha and Doug.  The message of hope and resilience hit the mark for what our students need.  COVID has made all of us ask a lot of questions about purpose and Tasha’s message speaks directly to the idea of purpose and hope for the future.”

-Tim Hazlett

Roosevelt High School Principal, Sioux Falls, SD


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