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Singing has always been one of my greatest passions.  Shortly after the accident, doctors relayed the news to me that I would never be able to sing again because my stomach muscles are paralyzed. Miraculously, I can sing today and have recorded this album to provide inspiration to my listeners.


This song is really my story and journey put to music. For many years, I have dreamed of having an original song that summarizes the message that I give when I'm speaking. "Hope" is truly that song. I have felt purposeless, hopeless, and many times did not want to continue on. However, today, I'm so thankful that I held on- that I never gave up. The best was yet to come and I'm so thankful that I persevered even in the darkest of times. This life we live can be so hard at times and yet in those struggles comes the strength, the faith, and the determination that we never knew we had on the inside of us. I want my listeners to know that there is hope. That things will get better and to never quit. 

(Songwriters: Tasha Schuh, Stacia Ray, Shawn Dugan, Maygen Lacey


My hope and my prayer is that you will find inspiration in this song. That it will help you overcome, hold on, and persevere through life's challenges, difficulties and struggles. I know that it's worth it to hold on and I hope that you will do the same.


"Hope" Music Download

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