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Five Reasons You Need Tasha at Your School

or Youth Conference

When Tasha comes to your school or conference, she will speak about these relevant topics:


1.  Resiliency – Overcoming obstacles, working through tough times in life, and determining to persevere.

2.  Respect – The importance of respecting classmates, peers, and teachers.

3. Suicide Awareness - The students will understand the power of hope and knowing that it is worth it to hold on in difficult times.

4. Choices – The importance of giving their best every day and knowing that the decisions they make can affect their future.

5. Attitude – Even though life is not fair, we do have the power to choose a positive attitude each and every day. Students will leave with a “Yes I Can” attitude.

Tasha can also incorporate your school/youth conference culture and other important themes that you are focusing on.

"Tasha addressed our Wisconsin School Superintendents at our annual spring convention. She was extremely well received. At a time when educators recognize the importance of nurturing resilience, internal drive and self-confidence in all children, Tasha is the embodiment of those attributes. She is a role model for both children and adults. Her compelling story inspires everyone who hears it to reflect on the value of leading a fulfilling and purposeful life".

Jon Bales

Executive Director

Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators

Tasha Schuh

After a tragic theater accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down, she has discovered invaluable lessons that resonate with audiences of all demographics. Since 2007, she has been traveling across the country inspiring and challenging her listeners to overcome and persevere, no matter what life throws their way.



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