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  • Tasha Schuh

What?! Not Everyone Likes Me?

You know how they say that the lessons we need to learn the most are the hardest to live through? I had this, this week, and here was the lesson: Not everyone likes me. I've actually heard it said that 10% of the people in this world are not going to like me. Ouch!

It happens to all of us. We strive to lead a positive life; we’re kind to strangers, hug our loved ones, tell our mothers and fathers that we love them. So how could anyone have a problem with me?

Here comes the harsh reality that’s taken me years accept (alright, maybe it’s still a work in progress)… There is someone out there right now who does not like me. How’s that for some cold, hard truth?

This week it came to my attention that someone said some not-so-nice things about me. Of course I had all the normal reactions; anger, sadness, confusion. I spent a good chunk of the morning trying to figure out what I could say back to her and how I could set these mis-truths straight so others wouldn’t think badly of me. Then I remembered a phrase that someone once shared with me, “No one can make you look like a fool. They can only make themselves look like a fool.”

I didn’t need to set anything straight. The people who really know me know the truth and her rant reflected more on her character than mine. There are important people in our lives, some who are in our lives for life, and some that come and go. Parents, spouses, friends, classmates, co-workers, and strangers – the opinions of these people matter… they just don’t matter the same.

Bottom line, I really didn’t need to concern myself with her opinion. I’m an adult and her words didn’t pose a threat, they just stung a little. So I had a choice to make; instead of getting wrapped up in the drama and making this incident bigger than it had to be, I used it to learn one of life’s toughest lessons. I’m no longer angry, sad or confused, I’m smiling and at peace.

Do you struggle with the need to be accepted like I do? What can you take from this to help you live more at peace?

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