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  • Tasha Schuh

What Do I Miss Most?

Recently, Doug and I attended a baseball game together. During our between-play conversation I was reminiscing about my old softball (I was a pitcher, you know). Doug must have noticed the gleam in my eye as I shared stories and was reliving the past. It was then that he said, “I have a question; one that I don’t think I’ve asked you before.”

I’m an open book so I responded, “Ask away!”

“Is there anything that you miss? That you wish you could still do today,” he asked.

Honestly, it has been a long time since I’ve allowed myself to go there. My first thoughts went to swimming. Even though Doug can help me get into the pools when we travel, it’s still not quite the same as before my accident. I loved the feeling of water and have always joked that if my wheelchair is ever found without me in it, just go to the nearest swimming pool or bathtub and there I’ll be!

That answer seemed to satisfy him, but it didn’t satisfy me. As the day went on the question kept creeping into my mind. Gradually, I began to think of other things that I miss from my pre-wheelchair days. I miss hopping out of bed in the morning and running out the door; today it takes me an hour and a half to get ready. Playing volleyball; I loved the competition and being a part of a team. And today, how I would love to make dinner for Doug.

Gosh, there’s a lot I miss about my old life and my old dreams. To be honest, as I pondered these thoughts I started to feel a little sad. I’m usually so focused on my abilities and what I can do that I forget about the things I can’t. As I felt myself sinking further into sadness, I snapped myself out of my pity-party! As difficult as it was I realized that I needed to change my focus.

Thinking about what I’m no longer capable of doing or the experiences I’ve missed, is not going to help me better myself or make a positive change in my life. I changed the channel in my head and instead tuned in my thoughts to all I can do and have achieved. Immediately I was back to my normal, happy self! I really do LOVE my life!

What an important lesson and reminder, though, which is why I wanted to write about this experience. My hope is that this story will stick with you and come to your mind the next time you’re feeling sad and discouraged.

Always remember… Our thoughts are powerful; however, we all have a choice. We can choose what we think about. My choice is to think positive, happy and productive thoughts, and as a result my life is positive, happy and productive!

What thoughts are rolling around in your head? Are you happy with your life today? I’m a believer in the old saying, “What we think about, we bring about.” Our lives are a reflection of our thoughts. If you don’t like your life, choose to think different thoughts – positive, uplifting, happy thoughts – that’s the way to realize the life you desire and dreamed of.

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