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  • Tasha Schuh

How I Travel By Airplane

Airplane Travel has always been important to me. I flew all over the world prior to my accident and so when I began life living in a wheelchair, I thought flying was no longer an option for me. Thanks to my mom, it wasn’t long before I was back on an airplane. Over the years, we have learned many important lessons on how to fly the most comfortably and efficiently on an airplane with a wheelchair (please keep in mind that the longest I have flown is 5 hours). This vlog is for the curious and for those who are in similar positions as I am. As always, I seek to educate and help! Airplane travel should not be scary for the disabled and I hope to create awareness by showing this vlog. Please let me know if you have any questions :)

This is the aisle chair that I mentioned in the video :)

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