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  • Tasha Schuh

Wondering Wednesday - We Make A Difference

I started “Wondering Wednesday” because I wanted people to get to know me more. I thought that for this week’s post, I would share the fact that I have scoliosis. I started to have this shortly after the accident because I was very tall and it was very difficult to get me to sit straight. Over the years, my curvature has progressed but I am so thankful to Scott Horsman who has worked with me at Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare. Scott has built both a custom cushion and a few custom backrests for me. These both help me to sit as straight as possible. I am very grateful that Scott has gone above and beyond to help me to sit straight and be comfortable in my wheelchair... We see this at every appointment I have with him. Thank you, Scott, for all that you do!

I share this today because we all have struggles and challenges but it is important to remember the difference that we make in other people’s lives. It may seem small and we may feel like no one notices, but there are lives being impacted by our actions and the effort we give each and every day. Today, tell a parent, friend, loved one, or a co-worker that you appreciate all the things that they do for you. #EnjoyYourRide #TashaPITCrew

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