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Do I Blame Anyone for My Accident?

Today - November 11, 2022 - is a significant anniversary for me - it’s been exactly 25 years since my accident.

Every year on this day, I take some time to reflect on what happened and how my life has changed since I was 16 years old.

So today, I want to answer the question: “Do I BLAME anyone for my accident?” Watch the full video to find out my answer, plus you’ll see some newspaper headlines that came out after my accident.

*Please Note: News reporting is challenging, with deadlines and stories that take a long time to evolve, and unfortunately, some of these articles had inaccuracies. I’d like to clear them up briefly, here, but encourage you to read my book if you’d like a more straightforward and accurate timeline of my journey!

- One article stated that I had Toxic Shock. It was actually septic shock.

- A few articles said I fell 10 feet, which is the distance from the stage floor to the concrete floor below. Because at the time I was six feet tall and I landed on my neck, I actually fell 16 feet. The doctors calculated the impact of a 16-foot fall when assessing my injury.

- A couple of articles claimed that this was not the first time we had rehearsed the scene change, but this is misleading. We had just gotten to the theater the night before, and I wasn’t involved in the rehearsal for this scene change the first time they went through it. My responsibilities for the scene change were changed that day, so when I had my accident, it was actually the FIRST time I was on the stage during that scene change.

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