• Tasha Schuh

"I Teach Resilience" - An Interview with Dan Reidenberg

My resilience interview with Daniel J. Reidenberg, Psy.D., FAPA and Executive Director of SAVE is incredibly powerful. I encourage you to take the time to soak it up!

Learn about Dan's work with SAVE.org, advice for people feeling hopeless or who want to help a loved one, and much more.

- - - -


00:00 - Introduction of Dan, about SAVE.org

03:42 - Importance of mental health awareness & suicide prevention

06:21 - Sharing feelings is critical / Garbage can analogy

09:11 - What does it mean to be resilient? / Fight or flight analogy

12:13 - How to build resilience & deal with conflict

16:41 - Resources for mental health help & how to vet them

22:37 - How Dan teaches resilence

25:12 - How resiliency benefits people

27:05 - Where we see hope

31:38 - What you can do to help others

35:27 - Importance of hope / Advice if you're feeling hopeless

42:11 - Wrap up

- - - -


‣ Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE): https://save.org/

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