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Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

We mail Christmas cards every year, but wanted to also share our card and letter on social media, for friends and family near and far. We are so thankful for your support and love!

Enjoy reading Doug's annual, fantastic letter and seeing a few pics from the past year:

As year number two of COVID-19 comes to a close, it’s that time of year to sip some eggnog, warm up in front of our gas fireplace while watching a Netflix Christmas movie, and reflect a bit on the year that was.

2021 began for us in southwestern Florida, once again heading to the land of palm trees and alligators (thankfully we didn’t see any of those) for a little winter break in Cape Coral. Since the pandemic was still peaking last winter, most of Tasha’s speaking continued to be from the comfort of our virtual studio setup. Thankfully, as the school year wound down we were able to log some road hours across scenic Minn-eee-sooota and Wisconsin. My bionic wife braved a minor surgical procedure in late May, one which allowed her to gain back much of her hearing in her left ear. By God’s grace, we both managed to remain relatively healthy this year!

Summer featured plenty of time working and resting from our palatial homestead in Ellsworth; visits from friends both near and far, as well as a week at National Wheelchair Sports Camp quickened an already fast-moving summer. Tasha continued to make additions and improvements to her curriculum on social-emotional learning for schools, which was also trademarked. Doug spent time learning Quickbooks accounting software in an attempt to run the business finances more efficiently. In August we celebrated our eight year wedding anniversary with a speaking trip to Woodbine, IA (hey, the rolling hills of Iowa can be quite scenic!)

Once Labor Day was past, we were back on the road with the busiest month and a half since before the pandemic began. Four states, nineteen schools and thousands of students later the fall was zipping by. Our final trip of the year took us to the town of Walhalla, ND, five miles from the Canadian border. Thankfully the weather cooperated, unlike what we would see two weeks later with snowstorms and severe weather in a five-day period!

Heading into 2022, two things look to be certain: COVID isn’t yet ready to go away, and the Detroit Lions continue to lose football games… lot’s of 'em! Here’s to the memories of 2021 and the ones that will be made in the year ahead!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

~ Doug and Tasha


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