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  • Tasha Schuh

Stuck at Home? 20 Ideas of Things to Do!

We're in uncharted territory. Schools and many businesses are closed, and the government and public health agencies are doing everything they can to keep us healthy.

But even in the midst of uncertainty, remember this: Every day is a gift. So, let's make the most of our time! I've compiled a list of 20 ideas of what to do to keep yourself positive, healthy, and active. Listen to my short video (I talk about how you can win some prizes for trying out these ideas!) and then check out the list, below. 👇 This list is great for parents, and others stuck at home, too!

1. Read a book! Reading is my favorite thing to do outside of speaking.

2. Play a card game or board game with your family. Doug and I do this all the time!

3. Write a letter to someone you love. I bet you’ll make their day!

4. Put together a puzzle by yourself or with a family member.

5. Take a virtual trip on the Internet to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit.

6. Make a list of all the destinations that you want to visit in your lifetime. This can be the start to your bucket list! 7. Start a gratitude list or gratitude journal. A gratitude list is a written-out list of everything that you’re grateful for. I challenge you to read it every day for two weeks. A gratitude journal is something that you write daily or a couple of times each week, adding one to three things that you’re grateful for. Be specific!

8. Pick a room to clean! Listen to your favorite music while doing this and see how much fun it can be! 9. Do you own LEGOS? Create something new and fun!

10. Try out a new or favorite recipe. This one is great for all ages - Age-appropriate, of course.

11. Clean out your closet, drawers or anything that is cluttered. Whenever I organize something, it makes me feel so much better!

12. Ask a neighbor if they need any yard work done. Helping someone else is a great thing to do!

13. Draw, color, or paint a picture.

14. Find a positive quote and send it to someone.

15. Make a list of your favorite quotes, write them on Post-it notes, and post them in your room or bathroom.

16. Do you have a pet? Spend extra time with them! Take the dog for a walk, play with the cat, etc.

17. Help a sibling or a friend with their homework.

18. Do something nice for a sibling or a parent. Maybe they’ve been asking you to do something for them? Now’s a great time for you to do it!

19. Try writing a poem, a story, or start journaling.

20. Get outside! Go for a walk - move your body!

Make sure you check out last week's vlog about fear:

Send me your pictures from trying things on this list, and I will consider sharing them on social media! Email me at Get creative and I might just send you a prize. 😊

Thank you, Andrea Gribble, for inspiring a few ideas on this list! Here's her blog that inspired me:

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