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  • Tasha Schuh

Wheelchair Etiquette and Handicapped Parking

In this Vlog, I tackle some very big pet peeves of mine! I now realize that I maybe should have done these separately, as I could talk about these all day long, but I think you’ll get the idea in this short video. So many people ask me these questions so I hope it answers what you have been asking.

If there is one thing that makes me upset, it is Handicapped parking and those that abuse this. I have had my own loved ones and friends admit to using Handicapped parking placards and not needing them and it outrages me! I realize that there are many people who need handicapped parking that do not always look disabled but please remember these spots are very hard to come by especially when there are so many disabled people and so few spots.

I hope this brings awareness and clarifies any questions that you may have. If you have any other questions, please comment below.

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