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  • Tasha Schuh

Overcoming the Battle in Your Mind

I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I see so many struggling. I have struggled a lot with my thought life in my journey. Growing up, I had always thought that what came in my mind was truth. I believed my thoughts more than what I saw, more than what people said about me, and what I saw as fact. Because of this, I struggled with a low self-esteem, I felt purposeless, and always felt defeated (and this was before my accident.) Imagine how much more I felt these things after being told I would be a quadriplegic!

I share this when I speak because we fail to realize at times that our greatest battle in this life is right between our two ears-in our mind! We have a choice in what we think about. You choose what you think about! That’s our choice! I began to see that these lies in my mind were not the truth… That I have worth, that I can do anything I put my mind to, and that I had purpose. When I began to turn my thoughts around is when my life began to turn around for the better.

Here’s the truth for every single one of you:

  • You are worthy to be loved!

  • There is hope!

  • You can overcome, you will get through this, and your future is so bright!

  • You have a great purpose and are destined to do great things… Your life matters.

  • It’s worth it to try… Even in failure, success will come in the long run. You have what it takes to succeed!

  • You are lovable… You deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and love.

  • You are beautiful inside and out, you are smart, and you have so much to offer this world!

  • You are not alone. There are more people that care about you than you will ever know.

Every single one of us have lies that come in through our mind and they sound like your voice and they sound like they are the truth… But they are not!

What have you been thinking? Take the time to figure out what is truth and what is lies. Determine to write these phrases out above that are the truth… Keep them in front of you, say them out loud and you will begin to overcome the battlefield in your mind. This is an ongoing battle, but when we determine to recognize the lies vs truth, it is worth the effort to overcome!

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