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"I Teach Resilience" - An Interview with Angie Payden

Updated: Jun 6

I had the privilege of interviewing Angie Payden, president of NAMI St. Croix Valley and owner of Mindful LIFEscaping, for this week's vlog!

Listen in to our hour-long conversation to learn Angie's personal journey of addiction and mental health struggles and how she now uses her experiences to help others.

You'll learn how you can help others who are struggling, the importance of resilience on your own path to recovery, and resources you can access.

- - - -

Links mentioned in the video:

‣ Angie's email:

‣ Angie's website:

‣ Volunteer with NAMI:

‣ NAMI's Peer-to-Peer Support:

‣ United Way 2-1-1 Program:

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