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What is the PITCrew?

Updated: Jun 6

Let's talk about the PITCrew and why it's so important.

- Hey everyone, I'm Tasha Schuh and founder of Path. Now, when I speak and I share about Path, I share about the importance of having a team. And I use an analogy from NASCAR in Formula one racing, which talks about the drivers pit crew. They need their pit crew so that they can rely on them during the race. And I believe that we all need a pit crew to cross our finish lines in our race of life.

- You got that right, and by the way, I'm Doug Michaels, Tasha's number one man. Should it be your only man really, but anyway and I'm also the co-founder of Path. Also a part of Tasha's pit crew., I've got a lot of jobs.

- Yes, and today, we're gonna talk briefly about what the picker is all about. Doug, would you take it away?

- Oh, of course I will, honey. Now, as Tasha mentioned the pit crew is a concept that came out of NASCAR and other races like it. Now, whether you're not, you're an avid racing fan, you probably know that every so often during a race the car needs to take a quick break. They pull into the pit and about eight guys and or gals rush out, change the tires and fuel up the car, and then the car is back into the race.

- Yes, and that whole process is called a pit stop. It takes about 12 seconds. I mean, isn't that incredible.

- Very fast.

- Awesome. So these pit stops are so important because they give the driver the support they need to do their very best in the race.

- Yeah, that's right. When we speak, we talk a lot about knowing who your team is and having a great pit crew in your corner, in your own race of life. That's why we call this concept, The Pit Crew.

- And I've seen in my journey that I would not be where I am today, without the team of people that supported me and encouraged me, they helped me succeed in my life. And that's what the pit crew is all about. These people helped me in my darkest days, through all of my difficulties and helped me cross all the finish lines that I've crossed in my race. And so the pit crew is about helping each other and every person across their finish lines, in their race of life.

- Spot on there Tasha. So important to have a team to back you up.

- And I completely agree, it's important to find your pit crew and beyond the pit crew of others. This helps you remain strong and resilient in your life, and it's all about teamwork. Team is the T in Path. And I hope you remember what Path means, it's important to remember is that we can't do this race alone, right Doug?

- No, absolutely right Tasha. We all need each other, keep that in mind.

- Yeah, so if you're watching this right now and you're feeling alone or like you don't have anyone you can rely on, please know that there are so many people who care about you. You are not alone. We want each and every person to succeed in life. And so stay connected with us on social media continue receiving encouragement and empowerment to gain resilience in your life.


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