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  • Tasha Schuh

19 Years Today: Visiting Where I Took My Last Step

It is hard to believe that today I am celebrating 19 years since my accident. Over the years many people have had a hard time grasping what had actually happened to me because most people are not familiar with trap doors. I thought the best way to show you was to actually go back to the historic Sheldon Theater where everything occurred to show you firsthand what happened on November 11, 1997. This video along with the pictures will take you back to the evening where my life changed forever. I could have never imagined that 19 years later my life could be so amazing!

On November 11th we began play practice and soon after we were allowed a 30-minute break. What does a 16-year-old do on a break? A stop at the local bakery, which is now called Hanisch. I chowed down a doughnut and a hot chocolate just a half hour before my accident.

We resumed practice of working on a scene change that had been giving us some troubles. Little did I know that my life was about to change in seconds. As I stood on the stage, directly above this reddish beam, the cover of the trap door was removed from behind me.

Seconds later I took one step backwards and immediately began falling. My mind was filled with utter confusion so I had no time to think or plan how to break my fall. This is what I fell through…

And this is where I landed. The back of my head hit the cement first with my full body weight coming next. It was here that I would actually hear my neck break.

When this happened, I thought my life was over. However, now I see all of the beautiful things that were to come in my future and the vital lessons that I would learn that I now share with thousands of people each year. Thank you Sheldon Theater for allowing me to come in and show the world what great things can happen after tragedy occurs. What are you struggling with in your life right now? I hope my story inspires you to know that there is hope and the best is yet to come :)

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