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  • Tasha Schuh

Tips On How To Live In The Moment

“Today is the only day. Yesterday is gone.” ~John Wooden

With the busyness of life, it is easy to forget to live in the moment. I know this first hand yet I also see that life is so short and tomorrow is never guaranteed. I saw my oldest niece graduate from high school in May and it was very eye opening to how fast time goes and the importance of quality time with loved ones. So with this being said, I have been challenging myself a lot in this area for the past year and thought I would share what I have learned so far in this journey. Please remember that we have control over our thoughts and actions… It is imperative that we slow down and focus those thoughts on each moment. I believe that there is a reason that today is called the present: because it is a gift that we must cherish and make the most of. I would love to hear your thoughts on this and ideas of what you have been doing to live in the moment.

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