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  • Tasha Schuh

Reflecting on the Music Album Release

Oh my goodness yesterday was so wild… Thank you to everyone who has already purchased my music! The feedback has been so wonderful and I’m so thankful for your kind words and your thoughts on the songs.

I can’t believe it’s here! This truly is a dream come true. Over the years, I’ve had many people ask me to record my music. I’ve had it as a goal every summer when our speaking schedule would slow down and every fall would come without it being accomplished. It seemed like it was not going to happen and then it did! Everything came together this summer with the right music and the right people.

It’s so cool looking back and seeing how this process came together. I have been wanting to write an original song for the past five years - a song that really tells my story, my journey and the message that I give when I speak. I wanted to write it myself, or have Doug write it (he is an amazing writer) but we were so busy that it really left no time to get it done.

Last October, I was at a speaking engagement with three musicians who were also playing for the event. We began talking and I mentioned that I was looking for someone to help me write a song… They immediately began to tell me how they love to write music and how they could help me in finishing my project.

Fast-forward a couple months, we had a few phone calls and I shared with them the vision that I had for the song and what I speak about at my engagements. I knew I wanted this song to be about hope and holding on in difficult times. A few weeks later they had the first draft and a sample of the lyrics with the music. I absolutely loved it! It was so awesome seeing how it all came together, as they transferred the project over to their musician friend, Shawn, and he worked on all the background instruments and came to my home so that I could record the lyrics.

Besides the original song, I wanted to include my rendition of “Over the Rainbow” on the album. I have sung this song for many years as the play we were rehearsing for when I had my accident was “The Wizard of Oz.” This song truly encapsulates the journey that I have been on and that I could still accomplish my dreams. I could’ve put more songs on the album, but I didn’t want to put them on there just to have a longer list. These two songs are definitely my favorites and wanted to start with them.

This process was so much fun! I love how we all have our gifts and talents and when we pull together we can create some amazing things. If I had waited for myself to accomplish this it probably would’ve never happened. When we reach out to others, great things can happen! Sounds like the PITCrew concept to me! I loved recording, I loved collaborating and I loved this entire project! I’m excited to record more in the future, but for now I’m so thankful to have this project finalized… I hope the music inspires you and encourages you!

To learn more about my album, to purchase the music or listen to samples please visit:​

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