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  • Tasha Schuh

Doug, my PITCrew Chief

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

If you have heard me speak recently, you have heard me say that Doug is my PITCrew Chief. A Crew chief in several auto racing series, such as NASCAR, is equivalent to a head coach or manager. This is exactly what Doug does! Many people have asked what Doug does after leaving his meteorology job for 12 years. Someone even made the comment that “Doug doesn’t work anymore.” So, I wanted to give Doug credit for all that he does and put this myth to rest. Doug has many responsibilities, duties, and has more than a full-time job on his plate. Here are some of the things that he does as I would not be able to reach as many people if it weren’t for him.

  • Taxes for both our business, products and caregivers… Along with our income and property

  • Negotiations, contracts, and communication along with booking all our engagements/schools

  • He handles our entire calendar, booking all our travel arrangements, and does all the driving to and from our engagements

  • He handles all the product sales at our engagements

  • He runs my PowerPoint while I’m speaking along with introducing me

  • He handles our budget… Paying our employees, independent contractors, and other companies we work with.

  • Even though we have caregivers at home, Doug has learned all my cares when we don’t have a caregiver to travel with us.

  • He does cold calling to schools… 20 to 30 calls a week, emails and sends mailers

  • Household chores, cooking, and yard maintenance

  • He has listened to me speak over 300 times! And still laughs at my cheesy jokes!

  • and many other things!

I’m so thankful for my Doug! He is helping me to be the best speaker I can be and to help me live out my dream. He is my greatest encourager and my number one fan! I go into further detail of this in my book My Next Move Forward. If you interested in learning more about our relationship here is the link to purchase your copy:

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