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What to Do if You Want to Be a Professional Speaker

Updated: Jul 5

Because I’ve been speaking professionally for so many years, I’m often approached by people who would like some advice or mentorship as they begin their own speaking journey. Many of these people have disabilities, and some do not.

So today, I’m recording this video with my tips and advice for how to get started on this career path. I’ve had some people over the years help me, so I wanted to record this video to share what I’ve learned, what I did when I got started, and how I’ve grown my speaking business over the years. I feel like this video is a great place to get started and give you some ideas on how to begin. This video covers the main questions I’ve received over the years.

If you still have questions by the end of this video, please email me at to talk about my one-on-one paid consulting service.


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